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As creatives, we take inspiration from all over and we enjoy keeping our fingers on the pulse for everything in the world of arts, culture, food, music and travel. We like to share our wild world with those who have similar passions as us, or for those who just want to know a little more about our wild world. 

Here in our journal space, we share some of the things we love, the experiences we remember and everything you need to feel inspired by our wild world. From reading about why Peonies are one of our favourite flowers, to hearing about a recent day out at a new local hotel, enjoy our stories here. 

Our top 3 houseplants we recommend

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

For those who are wanting to embrace the outdoors and bring a touch of greenery into the home; house plants are the perfect way to achieve this. There is much choice when it comes to plants for the home so we've given a round up of our favourites at the moment.

Cacti There are 1,500 to 1,800 species of cacti and they can come in all different shapes and sizes. They are notorious for their spikes and often favoured due to their strength and lack of attention needed to keep them alive. They are fond of light and airy spaces and don't like being overwatered.

Succulents Succulents are the latest trend that we can't escape. If your social media timelines haven't been filled with succulent cupcakes or luscious bridal bouquets featuring mini succulents, then we are not quite sure where you have been the last few months. Like most plants, too much water can never be a good thing for succulents, soak their soil and leave this to dry out before watering again. Succulents need lots of light and sunlight to live a happy life; a window sill prone to sunlight is a good position for an indoor succulent to thrive in the warm sun.

Spring bulbs We feel that bulbs can sometimes be overlooked in the beauty that they bring. Spring bulbs are the perfect way to bring the essence of your garden inside. Hyacinths bulbs when flowering will offer the sweetest scent to fill your home, perfect to place in your Bathroom. If opting for some colour, hyacinths are available in strong blues and pinks will brighten any room when in flower.

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