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As creatives, we take inspiration from all over and we enjoy keeping our fingers on the pulse for everything in the world of arts, culture, food, music and travel. We like to share our wild world with those who have similar passions as us, or for those who just want to know a little more about our wild world. 

Here in our journal space, we share some of the things we love, the experiences we remember and everything you need to feel inspired by our wild world. From reading about why Peonies are one of our favourite flowers, to hearing about a recent day out at a new local hotel, enjoy our stories here. 

5 podcasts for women in business to listen to

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

With many more podcasts topping the charts each week, there's a spoiling selection that can be listened to; whatever your interests may be.

You may already know that wild about flowers is an all-female led team, so it's no surprise that we're a huge fan of the ladies out there sharing their voices on a plethora of topics that capture our business brains.

We are constantly looking for inspiration and empowerment to help with our personal development or bring new ideas and techniques into our business. Podcasts can be a great place to start for this guidance, especially if you're like us and sometimes reading a book just isn't on the cards (unless we squeeze a few more hours into the day)!

Some podcasts offer a great in-depth discussion which can cover a topic in great length and from a variety of angles and others give you the choice of a concise 20 minute episode which you can just dip into whenever you find a spare moment during your working day.

We round up and share some of our favourites to plug into...

This podcast is headed up by Emma Gannon and focuses on the internet and covers work, social media and careers and features new guests each episode. Emma Gannon is a Sunday Times best-selling business and broadcast author. Her knowledge and experience means she is the perfect host to interview guests on (at times) some challenging issues and share their stories. Guests have included Lena Dunham, Steve Bartlett and Greta Gerwig. Her episodes cover a broad spectrum and delve into some inspiring personal shares from her guests. We love the lighthearted tone of this podcast and are always feeling inspired after listening, whether we've realigned our work/life balance and focus or take comfort in knowing we're not alone in some of our thoughts.

Girlboss Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by New York Times Bestselling Author and serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso. The founder of one of our favourite fashion brands Nasty Gal. This is a podcast that hones in on the honesty and is hosted by a favourite female boss of our Sophia Amoruso. Sophia is the CEO and Founder of Girlboss and she is joined by Neha Gandhi, editor in chief and COO of Girlboss. We've been a fan of the Girlboss Sophia herself from the business. Her book named 'GG' offers a down to earth, funny and empowering encounter of her business growth story with raw elements that we can all relate to in one way or another. You can also catch the series Girlboss on Netflix which brings the story to life on your screen. This podcast series covers women delving into what it takes to build a successful career or grow a business, whilst offering their insight into that all important work/life balance ensuring their live their life on their own terms, navigating the pressures that managing a personal and professional life entails. You'll hear hilarious, vulnerable and useful conversations that humanise the known and champion the unknown.

When you're running your own business or striving within your career; you can often feel somewhat disconnected to the outside world. This podcast allows you to touch base with the important and not-so important issues happening all over and offers an insight into weekly news, pop-culture and current affairs podcast. It's hosted by duo Dolly Alderton and Pandora Skyes and we love the informal light-hearted tone these ladies bring to their informal gossips and overshares, whilst still tackling hard hitting cultural and political happenings. It's beautifully honest but down to earth and you'll finish feeling like you've made two new best friends whilst enduring a few laugh out loud moments.

If you haven't heard about the amazing TED Talks then you must have been living under a rock the past couple of years. But don't worry, we can enlighten you. Notorious for being less than 30 minutes long, TED Talks offer a short, sharp and informative podcast on a broad range of topics from some of the world's most renowned speakers. From subjects such as 'How to measure your adaptability and how to improve it' to '8 ideas on building a company people want to work for'; it has a diverse selection for you to plug into and we're always finding ourselves scribbling away some key points after a listen. With the functionality to personalise your TED Talk page, you can select the topics which are most of interest to you and it'll then start recommending further listens based on what you're selecting each time.

People will often be open to share their success stories, but it's a slightly different story when you want other to share their not-so-successful happenings. Elizabeth Day is a author, journalist and broadcaster and her memoir, How To Fail: Everything I've Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong is a Sunday Times top 5 bestseller and has been described as 'life-changing' by critics. Her podcast 'How to fail' shines a light on the failures of her guests and celebrates the things which haven't gone right in their lives and how that's helped them to succeed. Guests have included Charly Cox, Andy McNab and Lily Allen.

Support for your business and working life can come in many forms and for us, sometimes a 20-minute podcast is just that. Our morning commute can sometimes be the perfect place for us to feel inspired and helps us to focus on our goals or achievements that day. Sometimes a more in-depth listen will provide us with that switch off we needed when we come home from a long day, and other times, being part of another conversation reassures us that we are not alone and there is always support.

We'd love to know if you've been inspired by any other podcasts and we hope you'll give some of our favourites a go!

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