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10 things you didn't know about roses

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Roses are loved by many and come in all shapes, sizes and colours. We think we might know the infamous floral but here is 10 things you might not of known about roses.

In it's perfect form, the classic beauty is a historic favourite and for centuries has been symbolic to love and romance. It's safe to say it still plays a predominate role in representing love and romance, making appearances in poetry, literature, artwork, films, and everywhere in-between. As florists, we love working with the beautiful bloom and as February 14th dooms upon us, the choice to send roses to loved ones is always favourable.

  1. The red rose began its symbolic journey in Green and Roman iconography where it was tied to Aphrodite and Venus.

  2. The iconic red rose petal scene in American Beauty was originally scripted to feature Mena in a pool of water.

  3. There are over 150 species of Roses and thousands of hybrids which are found in almost every shape, colour and size.

  4. The Juliet Rose is one of the most expensive roses ever developed, taking its creator David Austin 15 years and over £3million. It was first shown at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2006 and boasts a striking large flower head in a soft apricot-peach hue.

  5. Each rose colour is believed to symbolise a certain value, with rose being love, yellow of friendship, pink of joy and white of purity.

  6. Extracted from the petals of various rose types, rose oil can be made from up to 10,000 roses in just a 5ml bottle!

  7. Despite the name 'black rose', this variety is not actually black, but a very dark red. There is no such thing as a black rose in colour.

  8. 12 is the most popular number of roses to give, commonly known as 'A Dozen (red) Roses.'

  9. The mythological Ancient Greek of Love, Aphrodite the Goddess of Love was often portrayed with roses around her head and feet.

  10. There are over 18,000 lyrics with the word rose in it.

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