Weds 11 Dec 6-8pm

Beginners modern calligraphy workshop with Dot the i Atelier. 

We are incredible excited to be hosting Sarah from Dot the i Atelier for a creative, relaxed evening teaching modern calligraphy.

Spend two hours with us in our Georgian shop, filled with cosy delights, warm scents and many Christmas treats for an evening to learn how to create beautiful letters using delicate calligraphy techniques taught by the most wonderful designer of things beautiful, hand drawn and written.

With Christmas in mind, Sarah will equip you with the skills to write your own name tags for the Christmas table, as well as incredible titles on those Christmas envelopes.

Introducing you the fundamentals of pointed pen calligraphy and providing you with the tools and techniques you will need start your love affair with modern calligraphy in the most natural and enjoyable way. 


Workshop will include all of your equipment.