Independently ran we are a family business that love what we do. Collectively we are a dynamic team that bring together a wealth of experience and diverse ideas drawing inspiration from culture, travel, antiques, fashion and music. 

Our small and personal team of florists are hugely experienced as well as trained to the highest standards. 

Owner of wild about flowers florist Angela stands infront of a flower stand holding a bouquet


Angela is the mastermind behind our brand. After leaving a career in Banking, Angela started working in her local florist shop whilst training to become fully qualified in the trade. Using her unique sense of style to create a flower shop that is distinctively different from the rest, Angela fulfilled her dream of opening her own flower shop in 2000. Angela also offers a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked in the trade for over 20 years. 

What do you love most about what you do? 
I love the changing seasons; with floristry you get to see and work with so much variety because of this. Seeing the different flowers come into bloom throughout the year and getting to create different designs with the diverse choice of flowers is an amazing thing to do. 


Ivy Jean

From a young age, Ivy gained inspiration from her Mum and her natural flair for creativity and a raw talent in floristry was quickly sought out. Training on the job, Ivy became skilled in her trade before completing her floristry qualifications to a high standard. She continues to advance her skills with regular floristry training and has completed the Jane Packer Advanced Floristry Course. Although a trained florist, her mind often flows beyond the box. Her limitless creativity means no task is impossible, and if you are looking for a design like no other, Ivy will style your flowers bespoke to you. 

What is your most memorable moment in your career so far? 
There are several memorable moments for me in my career which are "firsts" when you find yourself doing something or the first time; you remember those feelings and use the confidence it gives you for the next time

Social Media & Marketing Florist Bristol

Rosa Jane

With years experience working in media and marketing, Rosa brings our brand to life on your screen and ensures wild about flowers is something to tweet about. Having worked for a number of diverse brands such as home interest title Homes & Antiques and global fashion brand Motel Rocks; Rosa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Starting as a Saturday girl from a young age, Rosa can also talk flowers, not just Facebook, and is forever on her fingertips to enhance our online presence and connect with new audiences. 

What inspires you? 
If you are passionate about what you do, I believe that you will always find inspiration where ever you are. For me, I could get creative ideas from an advert in a fashion magazine or a stage set at a music festival; when you are passionate, inspiration will come from all directions.